Quad Biking in Marrakech – Safety Tips

The quad biking in Marrakech can be fun and thrilling. This kind of recreation is suitable for many types of travelers. And if you love to ride, then quad biking in Marrakech can be one of the top excitement that you want to try.

The quad biking has been a pretty hot topic not only because many enthusiasts are following the updates, but also the significant numbers of incidents and accidents that happened in Marrakech for the past 2 decades. Perhaps you have seen about these in a newspaper or other sources. And sadly, most of the incidents are because of the defective performance of the ATV.

quad biking

Whether you are riding your own ATV or renting one, standard maintenance is very crucial to do. Before hitting the rough road, you could read these tips for quad biking in Marrakech. So, in case you have rented the quad bike Marrakech, there are few things to look at.

First things first, you must check the front brake and the rear brake. Make sure that they are still good in performance. You will need them to control your ATV better. Older quad bikes usually come with 2 handlebars for operating the front brake and rear brake. But most recent models have foot pedal as the rear brake. Either way, check the brakes condition. If you have a green light, you could proceed to the next step.

The second thing, you need to check the water level, coolant, oil, and the gasoline before starting your trip. Make sure that you fuel your vehicle as needed for your tour. If you have a long journey, make sure you have noted few petrol stations spots in your map so that you could make the right stop when you need to fuel your engine.

Quad Biking

The third thing to consider is the switches off the ignition and kill. You see, quad biking in Marrakech is not an easy thing for a beginner. And it will be unfortunate if you experience a mechanical failure in the way. Most recent models should come with safety device kill switch. So, if you are renting the quad bike, do not hesitate to ask about this matter to the provider. Not to mention that the switches are legal requirement when you conduct quad biking in Marrakech.

The three checks that we mentioned above are pretty basic. But if you pay attention to them, guaranteed you will be having a fun and safe trip with your entourage. Make sure you share these tips to your family or friends who you to take to the Marrakech quad bike trip.

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